Famous Food in Malaysia - Satay

30-01-2001 (Saturday) Aunt Cindy came to our house, my mum didn't cook at home so we went to Kajang Town to have dinner. Kajang is a famous "Satay Town", there is a lot of shops selling Satay. The old man is roasting the satay for us.......

Special peanut sauce with or without sambal, ketupat (rice dumpling) and onions.

I dipped the satay with the peanut sauce........ yummy!!!

This shop is different with other shops because here you can get more choices, we ordered chicken, beef, mutton, duck and fish satay. This was my first time to try the duck and fish satay. My mum likes the duck satay which was marinated with a little bit of curry powder.... Dad and Aunt Cindy like mutton satay... I will prefer fish which was little bit sweet.

We also ordered some otak-otak (fish paste wrapped with banana leaf). It was also our Malaysian favorite food.


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