Outing 01 JAN 2010 (Part 1)

01 Jan 2010 (Friday) Happy New Year!!
Today our cell has an outing to Pahang. Uncle Andy organized a one-day trip to Elephant park, even we just visited last month, but we still join them because last trip was a family trip but this time was church's fellowship trip.
We reached the Elephant Park at 10.30am, the information counter told us that the program will start at 2.45pm. Without wasted time for waiting, Uncle Tony brought us to a nearest orchard which is belong to his brother.
This is the first time I visited to an orchard, it was a lot of fruit trees like rambutan trees, durian trees, duku trees.... Uncle Joe (the orchard's owner) was so kind, he let us climbed up to the tree and plucked the fruits as much as we like. We have fun and we hope we can camping at this place next time.
2.45pm we went back to the Elephant Park, we take park some program like feeding the elephant, ride on the elephant, bath with elephant in the river.... all these I miss last trip, so it was so great that this time I can covered all the program.
After this, we still we visited to another nearer tourist point - Colmar Tropicale... (pls check the Part 2)


  1. Having rid on the elephant is good.
    There are a lot of unusual fruits there.

  2. Ya.. It was fun to ride on the elephants.

    All those are Malaysia's tropical fruits ^^ Durian is the king of fruit, rambutans and duku langsat, also our Malaysian's favourite. Did you try any of these before?


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