11 January 2010, Monday.

My mum cooked a box-lunch for me this morning.This time,my mum added something new to my box-lunch set which is a Bovril-Soup in a thermos mug . . . . . . . . . . .

All the items are put in this reusable bag.
    This is already my second week at school. Our BM teacher is very funny. He told us jokes and sometimes even played with us. Now, I think I wouldn't be bored on BM classes anymore. I am still sitting at the back of the class because our class teacher, Puan Suhaila has been absent since the first day of school. I hope she comes tomorrow, if she does, I will ask her to let me sit in front.


  1. mmmm looks great! we have something similar to borvil in australia. it's called vegemite. have you heard of it henry? it's pretty famous in australia, however the taste is too strong for my liking.

  2. I think Borvil may taste like Vegemite, because on the label it was written make by vegetables. But I didn't see the Australian "Vegemite" :)


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