A day in the kitchen ~

Even after the school final exam I am still busy because my teacher told us there is another exam (UPSR Trial) is on 08 ~ 10 November.  So bored ..........................Mum bought a plastic ice-cream mould, it's looks easy to use. I tried it out.

I made a cup of grape juice and a cup of malty chocolate.

After few hours freezing, I successfully made some ice-cream.

The colour of the chocolate flavoured ice-cream was not even. Maybe I didn't stir it well before I poured it into the mould =P 

After that I was thinking about a  packet of Japanese flavouring from Sister Grub. I tried it out for dinner....

Since mum was busy today, she only cooked some fish paste and vegetable, I put this Japanese flavouring on top of my white rice, yummy. Simple and nice :)


  1. hi henry! missed your blog posts! i'm in exam period now, just finished one today. next one is on monday!

    ahaha i love those ice cream mould things :D but there's no room in the freezer to put it in. looking forward to new flavours you create (try fruit juice, leftover tong shui, flavoured milk)

    glad you tried the furikake! was it good? i haven't tried that flavour yet.

    take care!!

  2. I am looking for pineapple ice-cream, my cousin told me the canned pineapple with syrup are very suitable to make ice-cream tube.
    Thanks for sent me the furikake, it's really great taste, my parents also like it.^^


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