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(13/12/09) My uncle lend me 3 discs.Planet 51- is about an astronaut who visits another planet with aliens that talk our language- English! It is a movie about romance, fun, happiness, and a new  and exciting                        world for an astronaut who is ready for anything..........almost anything...........

Cloudy with a chance of  Meat Balls - About an inventor who invented a food machine that changes water molecules to food molecules. On the other side, the inventor liked a weather girl but when things get from bad to worse the food gets bigger because the food molecules gets more and more extraordinary. Disasters start to happen also because of  natural disasters happening up there and makes the food come to life. Will the inventor ever see his girlfriend?

Astro Boy- about a man who lost his only son. He made a robot just like his own son except his robot son was different. So he did not want that robot and sent it away. Before Astro Boy earns his father's love again, he would have to experience a world of betrayal, of evil robots and evil villains.............


  1. Astro boy and cloudy with a chance of meatballs so boring


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