Malaysian Animation

This morning, I saw an article from the newspaper. The creators of the famous Upin Dan Ipin series now have their own studio called Animonsta Studio, their first titular character, Boboiboy.
I really feel great that Malaysia have our own cartoons. At the same time, I also found an article "Animation workshop for students", there will be an open animation competition for students age 10-14 years old which is organising by Disney.
* You can click the coloured word "Upin Dan Ipin" & "Boboiboy" to the link of the trailer

This competition will start next year.They will chose a team of 2-3 students from 10 chosen schools.This competition is for creating a 2 minute clip based on their own "alien encounter" inspired by Stitch. This is my first try drawing Stitch with a pencil.
This is also my first try using a computer but I only drew the head. I really hope I can download a free software of 2D animations!!! I hope if I can have a chance of participating this competition.
But I think that it should be very difficult because I have never tried animating pictures before.


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