Outing- Elephant Park And Waterfall

(29/11/09), I went to the elephant park.It was full of elephants. We didn't manage to ride the elephant because we arrived late at that time. They only allow the first 120th tourists to have a privilege to sit on it.

Wow! There goes a elephant couple XD Haha........ How romantic......

This baby elephant has finally accepted my food. At first, it was a bit stubborn then it calmed down and used its trunk and took the grass.

This baby elephant looks like "Jumbo".

After visiting the elephant park, we went to Bentong Waterfall.

The water currant was very strong so we played at the shallow waters. I had a good time with my cousins there.


  1. wow banting waterfall looks so good! where is it? oh btw have you been to the buffalo farm (?) i been there long time ago and it was kind of stinky. but i like the crocodile farm..might go again next time i go to malaysia xD

  2. This waterfall located at Pahang, but.... I think last time my Dad brought me to another waterfall called "Takala Waterfall" which is located at Semenyih, that one is better and nice.
    I haven't visit the buffalo & crocodile farm in K.L before, are there in the Zoo?


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