Thieves T___T

      I insisted on doing this post today. When my moods are up, I don't want to leave them to drop. Right now I'm having a good time but back then at my Mom's office this morning, there was no air conditioner and the  Sun was blazing powerfully through the open doors and windows. The temperature reached an extent where even the flowers fade and grass begins to wither, so I was technically melting, sweat came out profusely and sweat droplets the were the size of golf balls. Overcoming all this, I'm trying to finish my homework so I can get my hands on the laptop and since the temperature was so high, it felt like labor under the Sun. Now you can chill though, I'm at home relaxing. 

Talking about today...
        Oh goodness, am I'm grateful to back in school today. My friends all sitting behind me, everyone having a good time just when... Okay, this a long story but I'll make it as brief as possible. Today is the first day of the week that school started. As a rule, it is compulsory for everyone to wear a tie, if you don't, detention awaits. Being a goody two shoes, I have two ties. By the way, I am already wearing one. First subject was Phys Ed. I changed and headed to the field. When we came back, I saw my uniform and tie on the chair. When I pulled up my pants to grab for my tie, it was gone! Just like that, voila! The best part yet is my extra tie vanished too! Sigh, people nowadays so desperate for something as cheap as a school tie, if I were a thief I would rather steal money, .... Just joking! Maybe a second suggestion is that the culprit did this so that I would be in big trouble. Fortunately, I didn't get a detention. What a tragic incident, having thieves in the school ...

Today, life is unexpected having a change for the worse. The fog I am living in gets thicker and now I can feel plenty of people trying to be my companion and lead me out but the thick fog does not let me see who it is that I can trust. Life is a twist ...


  1. Hey Henry! :) Um, well lately I started a new photography blog and I'm sort of trying to get a little more views and maybe follows so..mind visiting? :) Thanks! And wow it's impressive that you're still keeping this blog alive til now hahah. (Y)

  2. Hullo! Glad to know you're taking the effort to make a new blog. My dad just bought a DSLR camera so I'm wondering if I can learn some stuff from your blog >.<
    I've just visited your blog and honestly, it's quite good. I've just followed you on the Bloglovin thing too! Thanks!


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