Renewed Blog, Renewed Hope

         As you can see, I've changed my blog's template and font. I do not know why I suddenly came up with this idea but frankly, I'm personally getting a bit fascinated at this new template. It gives me a fresh new image of my blog . Truthfully, since my last post I've been giving a change of looks to my blog, which I'm proud of. Hehe... I've got a feeling that this February is going to be epic, different and awesome.
         Also I hope to have resolution in making changes internally and externally towards my blog. Myself too, probably. Maybe I'll try harder to find time and revive this fallen blog. What a resolution! I might as well turn over to a new leaf in blogging. Life's brightening up slightly although I'm still stuck in my mom's office. Homework completed, writing my blog as if picturing my life into a diary story.
         Recently, I've started on this really good book by the title: 500 Cheeses. I've realized even reindeer,  camels and yaks can produce consumable milk which can be made into cheese. Okay, I'm not emphasizing on how good cheeses can get or anything even though I love cheeses but I'm not going to make this really long story thanks to some cheddar or anything since not everybody has a fascination for cheeses so I'm stopping on the cheese book now.
Right now, I'm still in this thick fog which I've lived through all along but up ahead, I see a beautiful rainbow. Life's like this, always filled with ups and downs.


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