Mixed Feelings...

     I'm in Form 2 this year. In overall, life has been quite normal around these parts. To be honest, I am glad to be in the same class even though I flunked my History. As usual, homework to the extreme, teachers cranking in homework at every chance they have. In fact, there is still a ton of it left at the study table to my left. Most of the good friends I have left have all went to different classes leaving me to be deserted and all alone in this class with a bunch of people I have never known. Only, there's just this three or so friends who are yet to leave me. 
      This January has been really plain. Like a black and white picture where everything takes place in a continuously boring state. Plain old 40-years as teacher guy retiring, plain old new students replacing us and making a replay of what we gone through last year, plain old boredom, plain old life. Nothing interesting, really. Just a tasteless month passing by slowly. Then again, is it actually passing quickly without my notice in other areas?
       Just yesterday, as I listened to my phone, it played Justin Bieber's"All I Want For Christmas Is You" (originally from Mariah Carey) which was published two years ago, it felt like just a month since I first heard it. Sigh, time is such a confusing thing...
       Is it pure new inspiration that has set this rusty blog to make a brief comeback to help me write this post? Probably so, since I've never came up with a post on totally blankness, boredom and nothingness, I guess.
         Oh, I guess I'm writing this for something this for something now. To kill time while waiting for this Thaipusam vacation to be over so I can return to the schooling days and enjoy life to the max with my buddies. I wonder if that is something to be glad about? 

Life right now is just a thick, grey mist bringing me to stumble upon the many failures in life while I walk ahead slowly towards the right path where I patiently clutch on to believing its lifting someday. Sigh...


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