Hot Air Ballon Festa 2010

20th March 2010 Saturday.
My parents brought me to the 2nd PutraJaya International Hot Air Ballon Festa, we reached Putrajaya at 6.30pm. There was so crowded and we were hard to get the parking, we were a bit late since the hot air ballons were started to fly at 6.00pm. Anyway, I still get to see many hot air ballons. There were so many countries participated the event.  We couldn't capture some every cute and special ballons like The Darth Vader, Lion Face,  Orange, because they were already fly higher in the sky, please click this link ballons to see. It was really very beautiful.

This is a hot air ballon from Switzerland, so many 
photographers are busy to capture photos

The workers were busy to pump air to a hot air ballon...

I think this is the biggest hot air ballon on that day
It was from Netherland, and it was looked like  
combined so many ballon to make a  big hot air ballon.

Wow! Levi's Jeans also participated the event ^_^
It was also a hot air balloon can fly in the sky...

The hot air balloons dotting the sky over Putrajaya

It was actually has more activities like air balloon for tethered rides for the public, helicopter rides, face painting, magic show, colouring contest, fire works display at night..... I didn't participate any activity, because     we leave the place at 7.45pm, we have a dinner appointment with my cousins. I hope we can have longer time to stay at the event if next year they come again to Malaysia.


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