11th Birthday ~

23-03-2010 Tuesday.
Today is my 11th Birthday, My dad and mum are busy on something........ I didn't expect to have a party this year but God is so good, He gave me favour that this year Aunt Lisa and Brother Khar Fye bought me KFC and a birthday cake. We have a dinner at Aunt Lisa's house. It was a very simple but a very warm birthday dinner.

 Chocolate birthday cake.....

Make a wish before I blow my cake.......

I also received so many birthday wishes from my friends in face book especially my church's members. It's so touch when received their greeting. It's so great that facebook can remind us when is our friend's birthday. I think everyone will happy if our friends remember our birthday and give us greeting.


  1. sorry i'm late, i missed this post! >_<

    wish you a VERY VERY VERY BELATED happy birthday!

    all the best!!


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