An outing with my buddy to the KL Musuem

Aunty Yoong Hee brought Joel,my buddy and I to the KL Musuem. Actually, they also invited Jeremy. At the last minute, he had something on so he didn't come. On the way to the KL Musuem we passed by Istana Agong (The Palace)After that, we went to the KL Musuem. We visited the Orang Asli Musuem.There were a lot of natural combs which looked very beautiful. We also visited other parts of the musuem. In the musuem there was a 3-D movie at the prehistoric period Musuem. But since I didin't bring the camera, Aunty Yoong Hee captured a few photos for me. :-)


  1. ooh this looks interesting, might ask aunty to bring me next time :)

  2. lol.... I think Sunway Lagoon is more intresting.


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