Chocolate Milk ice-cream ^o^

Today's weather was so stuffy, my mum taught me how to make
a very nice ice-cream. It was so simple. (^0^)
  1. Buy a packet of Chocolate Milk or Milo
  2. Put it into the freezer until it becomes frozen.
  3. After a few hours, take it out from the freezer and cut the packet.
  4. Take out the whole "Chocolate Milk Ice-Cream" and you can enjoy it now.
That was so good, I enjoyed my ice-cream while doing my revision =D


  1. good stuff! i do this with yoghurt and fruit juice too. but i don't remove all ther wrapper, just a bit and suck :P

    there is also another way to make ice cream, but you need lots of ice, salt and some ziploc bags. you can google "shaky ice cream" for more info.

  2. Thanks for dropping a comment, Captain Henry Chay. Glad to know you like Not& Zero.

    Your ice-cream recipe is very interesting. I will give it a try~

  3. @@@grub
    I will try your suggestion, and thank you for introduce the shaky ice cream website to me :)

    @@@not zero workshop
    Hi, thank for visiting my blog, you are welcome =D


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