Transfering School

This afternoon mum went to my new school for registration, and it is to be confirm that I has to transfer to the new school on next Monday.
I believed that God is always beside me, whatever circumstance I face, He will care for me and lead me to the head and not the tail, so I should not be worry so much, everything will be fine.
Dad said he will still let me to join Boys Brigade every Saturday in my old school, so... I still can meet some of my classmate, then Sunday I will have tuition class with Martin.
I am also sign up facebook, and I think it is the easier way to keep in touch with my teachers and friends, we can see each and others through web cam also........ Ya, I think everything will be alright..............


  1. best of luck with your new school transfer (^_^)

  2. Thx Sis Grub, Hope I can easy to adapt the new school. :)


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