My first week in the new school

Wao..... I have been transferred to a new school a week already. The first day I went to the new school, I felt nervous and embaressed.. Only I was wearing short pants, my classmates were wearing long pants, but they didn't joke at me , they were so kind, helpful and friendly...... , they taught me a lot of things about the school.... most of us communicate in English. God blessed me that I'm in 4M Class. I think I still have many things have to learn from them. The new school is a little bit different from SRSS,
Monday- normal lessons are from 7.30am to 1.00pm, after school there is a Mandarin Lesson until 2.30 pm. (the teacher is from Davidson Chinese School)
Tuesday- normal lessons are from 7.30 am to 1.00pm too.
Wednesday - the whole day we no need to wear school uniform (even if we still have normal lessons), but after 12.30pm we have co-coriculumn, so that is why the whole day we have to wear our co-coriculumn uniform. I joined St. John Ambulance (Bulan Sabit), and Ping-Pong, because I want to remain my Boy Brigades in SRSS, and at the same time I can learn one more subject . My school ends at 4pm.
Thursday - normal lesson is from 7.30am to 1.00pm, after that they have Chess Class. I wanted to join but since the class will end after three more lessons, I can only join in by next year.
Friday - normal lesson 7.30am to 1.00pm, after that I will join the Bible Class (which is a optional class) until 2.30pm, the teacher from the church and the secondary students will come and coach us, the church provided lunch like fried mee, sausage and sugar cane drink for us.

* The first week in the new school, I have a lot of homework, my mum was worried that I can't adapt to the different KBSR syllabus, and the August exam is just around the corner. So I have to copy their old homework as well. In just this week, I've to finish two projects, one is for Science while the other one is for Kesihatan. Wu........ my project was not satisfied by the teacher, and the Kesihatan project I only get 10/30 marks..... I think I'll try harder next time.


  1. i miss lol henry
    lechi wrote this


  2. Lechi,
    I'm also miss you all. Hope we can friend forever.... and at least can meet once a week on Saturday B.B =D


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