Recipe For Disaster

Before I tell you about the time I was home alone that one day during the semester break, let me tell you about my first week back in college for the second wave of subjects. I'm only taking four subjects this time around and since it's a long semester this is probably going to be a pretty laid back time for me. In my free time now, I'm picking up lots of things to help kill time - sketching, learning card tricks, adopting a few French words, spending the evenings one sitcom episode at a time. So far, the first week of this semester just rolled out fine. Even got to sit together with a closely knitted few friends watching a film together from his laptop early this evening. Stranger Things, good stuff. Can't wait for a second season upcoming Halloween X)

Oh, so as promised, the time I was home alone for the sem break. Now, there is a reason why my parents almost never leave me home alone unless they've taken certain safety precautions: I can't actually cook anything. This also means I'd probably go starving if they didn't prepare food in advance so this story could probably re-entitled as "My first Time Cooking Alone", except as the current title suggests it didn't turn out quite the way I expected it    XD

Basically it was my first attempt (not at cooking -  I've once successfully made aglio olio with some guidance) at fried rice. Here's my recipe, let's see what went wrong:-

1. Adds some oil to the wok.
2. Adds peeled prawns to stir- fry them then take them out as soon as they look cooked.
3. Adds oil to fry eggs.
4. Adds egg. Realizes that the egg is completely submerged in oil.
5. Adds more eggs and leftover rice. Still notices that there is too much oil.
6. Gives up and simply just push things around the wok with the spatula until they look cooked.
7. Moves everything to a large bowl.
8. Lunch is served!

Yeah,  and since I couldn't even bear the sight of what was before my eyes, I naturally failed to make myself eat it until I first removed most of the oil. Desperate times call for despeatre measures. Guess what I did? XD

Until now, I still laugh at myself that day, wondering what had crossed to my mind to do what I did next. I dumped the contents of the bowl into a strainer (the type one would use to wash vegetables, not too clear what they're called) to watch the oil drip out. I left the disgusting dish by the sink in hopes that the oil would just drip away before returning later to eat it. I got too hungry so anything edible was food.

Really though hahahaha maybe that's funny now but back then, I swear I was using all my strength to hold back from screaming and swearing and crying at what I had done to myself. At the end of the day, I guess what I really gained from the day home was that being able to prepare food for yourself is a really important asset, especially if you're already in college and in some ways leading your life by yourself like I am. Still, I suppose its all these little experiences that make life worth looking back at, deserving to be called worthwhile.


  1. You have to make it again and not screw up! Good luck!

  2. hahahaha yup X) just wait till i have another chance at home. I'l definitely try it again and get back to you :)


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