A Spark of Flame

So, here, it begins again. I try best as I can to write something down now as I will be returning time and again for memories. Perhaps this is something I cannot live without after all.

How my life has turned out so far: -

                - I've finished my high school education. Fantastic. Now I don't have to see it again. Given the chance though, this is a phase of my life I'd like to relive if possible. I wish I made more use of the time last 5 years I spent here.

                - Despite what I'm saying, I've gotten pretty good results for my SPM examinations (which is really a Malaysian version of an O-Levels equivalent) and landed myself in Foundations at a local university which I must say has turned out much better than my high school days so far.

                - Just went through the first semester of Foundations and am currently going through a semester break which I do not know how to make use of hence ending up here. But, really, it came up in a conversation with a friend and I find myself browsing the site to check out how dead it was.

Turns out that I've not actually killed the blog for a full year before... and am surprised this rusty old thing had 17 visitors today which goes to show the number of people out there in the world today! I don't think anyone still reads it casually anymore but if you do, thanks :) It's a lot of encouragement for me since I seem to lack the motivation. Anyhow, I'd like to keep track of my life once in a while to know what has become of me so far. Stick with me since there's still a lot going on recently that I've not mentioned.


  1. You finished high school already?! Time really does fly once you're working! Nevertheless, a very big CONGRATULATIONS on all your achievements Henry!! I hope you find something productive to do during your break - maybe learn a new skill or language? All the best!

    1. Yup hahahaha! Thanks for your continuous encouragement :) Yea, guess I was just taking it easy on the break, learning a bit of cooking at home which I failed miserably (oh! I should write about that too XD) but mostly just going through sitcoms thhroughout the day on some days while doing a little reading on others. Should really pick up on Chinese or French or Arabic or something next time a break comes along tho hahahaha


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