WARNING:Exams Approaching!

Yea,yea. Exam seasons on right now. It started yesterday and I've been studying since last week. I admit I was lazy for some time and stopped blogging since er...last month if I'm not mistaken? Whatever, the point IS if exam season is on, I'm off for about a month. Right now, I'm stopping here. Got to do some revision...
          Oh yeaaahh! I almost forgot to say this. I won for runner-up the Lamb's Challenge Trophy in 2012 in my school, which officially means I got second placing in the school's essay writing competition fighting for Junior Section. If you're keen on reading or if you have time to read this, please comment on me after you finish to help me improve. Okay, thanks?
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The people who know us from our virtues to our flaws are our parents. Parents often have the greatest influence in their children’s lives. My father had a huge impact in my life and because of him; I am who I am today. We are alike in most of our actions and emotions. We love reading, travelling, gaining general knowledge and watching the television. From mimicking his actions and listening to him since young, he has influenced me in both my choices and personality.

My dad works as a salesman whereas my mom’s job is a clerk. I feel that if I do not take advantage of everything they have provided for me, I will be seen as lazy and a disappointment to my parents who work hard to keep our life going. I believe that if my dad was able to achieve such a comfortable life with so little to begin with, I should be able to be better because of all the advantages compared to him. My dad makes me realize that I should achieve my goals all the more. My ambition of being a scientist might come true if I study hard enough. Dad always encourages me to study more for a better future than his condition.

Dad is often a quiet kind of person with much intelligence while I can only achieve silence if I bury my head in books. We both love to use the computer when given the chance and we are also fascinated with drawing. He isn’t much of a sportsperson but neither am I.  We wear spectacles but he no longer needs them anymore while I need them like a part of my body. My dad is also smart at solving cases and I love all sorts of quizzes but my capability to solve things cannot be compared to his. We don’t like horror movies. In most ways, we are often alike physically and mentally. He is like a bigger and better version of me. We hardly give up and are very positive thinking.

We have lots of similarities and his influence in my life has always helped in lots of ways such as a photographic memory and many more talents that has been brought down to me. This drive that my father has inspired in me since an early age will always help me through all the obstacles in my life.
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There you go. I shall officially stop here and now. Write to you later, people ~
I'm afraid the Exam Monster is gonna much on me and spit out and F if I don't stop now. Hahaha.... Good times.


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