Guilin, China Trip (1st day)

30-01-2011 We woke up at 4am since the taxi will drop us at KLIA air-port and the Air-Asia flight departure to Guilin is 6.30am. This year my father and Uncle Patrick decided a free and easy trip to Guilin and Guang Zhou, China. This time we went by Air Asia airline, the plane is a bit simple if compared to other airplanes, we didn't even have a TV or other entertainments during the 7 hours in the sky however I was still very happy because I sat with Joel and we had plenty of time to chat :p
It was about 12.30pm when we finally arrived at Guilin airport. Instantly, as we got out of the plane, I felt a chill down my spine. However, upon taking a peep outside, the state also seemed to be covered with small hills from every side. It was an amazing sight. It was so cold. Brrrrr. it was around 2 ~ 9 degrees Celsius.  We  went for lunch upon getting out of the airport. We tried a famous food in Guilin - rice noodles.  

It tastes somewhat like a mixture of sour + spicy, my parents enjoyed the food. It is their local main course.
After that, we check in  into our hotel. Without wasting our time, we left our luggage in our rooms and we started our journey.

Well, to be truthful, I really thank God to be able to travel to China with my old classmate and his family again. Our  first stop was (王城 )Wang Chen. 

In Wang Chen,  a tour guide led us  around the whole place and introduce and explained about the history of the emperors who reigned throughout the Ming Dynasty.We were also introduced to the way of education during those times.
We soon arrived at our second destination,the Lijiang River. It  was said that Guilin was protected from attacks by this river in the past.  

If you go to Guilin, the  Elephant Trunk Mountain is a sight  you should never miss because  it is Guilin's main landmark.
That night, we went out  to watch  a performance called " Dream Like Lijiang". It was a ballet, acrobatic and magic show, it was an amazing show. Sadly, we weren't allow to take photos during their performance. We just allowed to take photos after the show..
There were some young children doing a part in the performance. Although they  were very young  but they could show some amazing moves with utmost bravery and no mistakes.


  1. You did a wonderful travel.
    It was a good experience.

  2. my uncle brings tours to guilin throughout the year! so happy to see such beautiful scenery

  3. Yes, I agree the scenery in Guilin is so beautiful.

  4. Perhaps the best gift you can give for your loved ones would be spending a holiday break in another country. And tours in China is a good choice. Glad to know you had fun, and thank you for these pictures.


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