Vietnam Spring Rolls

Last Saturday, I went to Joel's house. Aunty Yoong Hee prepared a special meal for us. There were sliced vegetables, fruits; meat, mee and spring roll skins provided on the table. 
Aunty Yoong Hee taught us how to prepare our own Vietnam spring rolls. It was very simple:-
1. We must take a piece of spring roll skin and wet it thoroughly in a bowl of water.
2. We are thus able to place whatever ingredients that we desire on the wetted piece of spring roll skin (we cannot overload the amount of ingredients or else it will be too big or it will not fit).
3. Then, we are finally able to start wrapping the spring roll.

I was placing some of my favorite ingredients on the wetted spring roll skin. My favorites were the fragrant, glutinous pork XD

See! This is a complete Vietnam spring roll. Yummy!


  1. haha i eat this occasionally at home too! they are actually called Vietnamese rice paper rolls. at my house, we fill ours with lettuce, saa got (some kind of root vege), egg strips, sliced lap cheong, peanuts, cooked dried shrimp, Vietnamese herbs etc. and we dip them in a hoi sin sauce diluted with some water. your post made me hungry :P

  2. You rolled it well.
    It might surely be delicious.
    I want to refer to it.


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