Family Camp 2010 ~ Hari Raya Holiday

My church camp organized a Family Camp at Thistle, Port Dickson Resort. Our family were a bit off schedule when we arrived at our destination. We quickly hurried to our children and adult room respectively. When I reached the children room, we were separated into our groups accordingly. There were 3 groups named Good, Right and Pure. I was in the Pure group. Pastor Catherine was our children organizer. She prepared some games for us such as Shoe Whacking, Rounders, Police & Thieves and some water balloon games. She also organized some movies for us to watch. Most of us boy early comers started learning our "Be Strong" moves . . . . . . 

We performed our  "Be Strong" performance on Sunday. Monday was supposed to be the last day. Since my parents had to work on Monday I left early. After Camp Torch that Sunday night, I left so I missed the fun on Monday such as Revelation Day and a drama. 


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