Kuala Lumpur City Library

Today I am going to introduce the Kuala Lumpur City Library
which is located at Dataran Mendeka, Jalan Raja Kuala Lumpur.
The building behind me is the adults section which is only allowed
for the age 13 and above to go in, whereas the children section
is in another block which is just next to this building.
This is the children section library, the outlook is not as elegant
as the adults library, but the inside is not bad..............

See... this is the inside of the children library, there is so clean
so neat and many books to choose, my parents are so good
almost once a month bring me to the library, that's why many
classmates also know that I really a bookworm. :D

I found this location map from the Goggle Search.
For more details you can log in to the website:


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