8TV's Ultimate Power Group Grand Finals

Have you been watching 8TV's Ultimate Power Group?
The Grand Final were between three groups which are "FRIENDZ",
"STARBOYS", and "YATOU". Yesterday, my aunt gave us some
free tickets to watch the live - Ultimate Power Group Grand Final
Show which was held at Stadium Negara Kuala Lumpur.

We were wearing Green Shirt to show support to the "FRIENDZ"
group. The show started at 8pm, the three groups were so
talented. They can dance and sing very well, so cool............

Took few photos, but because very long distance can't
capture very nice photos so I just upload two photos of the live show :(

To see more about the Grand Finals, you can log into
And, the Grand Final Result is:
Champion = "FRIEND"
2nd = " STARBOYS"
3rd = " YATOU"


  1. Looks like you had fun! I've never been to such events before. The team you supported won! Isn't that great?

  2. This is also my first time to watch this type of event, anyway this time got "free ticket", so I can go, and I feel good, the team
    "FRIENDZ" were really great!

  3. Hi Henry! I got the instructions out of this book: http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Amigurumi-World/Ana-Paula-Rimoli/e/9781564778475/?itm=2

    So, I think it's against copywright laws to post them without permission of the author. :)


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