School holidays started already. Yesterday,
my cousins came to my house to learn how
to make Sushi.
Ugh! My first time trying to make a Sushi roll.
It is quite difficult to roll the sushi, though...
My aunt was helping me. Thanks, aunt!
My cousins and me were shaping the Sushi.
I took the bear mould and moulded out my bear!
My Sushi Bear came to life. We used seaweed to make
Sushi Humans' hair and eyes and we use crab meat
to make the mouth .Sushi Bear's eyes, ears and nose are
all made by seaweed.
Finally, we sucessfully made few types of Sushi!


  1. wow nice job (: so lucky you have holidays XD i am in exam period right now x( hope you enjoy your holidays!

  2. The sushi faces are really cute! I don't think I'd want to eat them and ruin it!


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