Granny's Dumpling

Dumpling Festival 29-05-2009
Today my granny gave me a big dumpling.
Weight: 600g+-
Size: 8cm (w) x 20cm ( l)

Ingredients: Sticky Rice, Salted Egg, Dried Shrimp, Dried Smoke Meat,
Pork, Mushroom, Nut, Dried Oyster, Green Bean.....etc


  1. WOW looks delicious! Tell your grandma to put chestnuts in it next time, it will taste yummier. =D Craving for some 'zhong' now...XD

  2. Ya, actually she has put a big nut, I don't know what does it call in English, it taste a little bit sweet, but overall I will prefer the sticky rice the most! Hahahaha.....


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