Testing Times

Now, I know its been a long time since I last kept myself updated here. Well, ever since the second semester started things were starting to fall out of place.Just when I had barely managed to pull myself together, the world around me started tearing itself to pieces again. Now, I don't know about everyone but the way I study is I tend to overexert myself for the first half of the semester to try to be a step or two ahead of the syllabus at all times so that the lecture will just be a refresher afterwards. I do this because:-
1. I kind of understand that I have fiery enthusiasm whenever a new semester begins but it dies down before I can go through the whole semester. This means I'm kinda short fused, losing interest if I don"t see a quickly rewarding outcome. Hence, over-studying in the start benefits me as I've covered the entire syllabus before the boredom falls into place, and
2.It's actually very rewarding to feel like you fully understand what the lecturer is saying and to have done all the exercises before he or she asks for it. It makes you feel like a good student for once ( even though I can promise I'm not one XD ).

But even so, this has been dragging out further than I've expected. I'm actually a little behind the goals I set out to achieve. Time is not being very friendly as of late hahaha  but yea, the things that I have managed to experience as of late is really the only reward that keeps me going.

I see many of my friends in their respective colleges now, reminiscing the past - our high school days and find myself oddly alien to this feeling. Personally, I've not looked back to say wow, what a wonderful life I've led back then. But my college days now... I'm enjoying every moment I live in, all the new things I'm exposed to. I feel like I can see society for what it really is - different types of people, the different cultures of people from different worlds. What makes overachievers what they are and what makes people friends or sometimes perhaps more than just that. Everyday, I'm learning a bit more of the world I live in ever since I've come here and for that, I'm truly grateful. It is without a doubt my parents who've brought me this far and I can never thank them enough for that. The rest of my journey, I can say, lies in my own hands.

The rest of this week is going to be kind of a storm, a mild one perhaps, but a storm nevertheless. One that will fill the skies with darkness and shake the very core of my sleeping hours XD    I say so because this is going to be a quiz week, quizzes starting tomorrow all the way till Friday. This loosely translates to an average college student concerned about his scholarship as 2 to 4 hours of sleep everyday for the rest the week with a slight chance of falling sick for a bit afterwards due to the damage to the body's systems XD

Yet, I still aspire to write this because I am afraid that the good times will fade away like my memories with time if I do not record the beauty of learning all these things, the beauty of living through my life in this time and age. It may not be a flawlessly amazing life that others may envy of but it is one I am satisfied with :)

The next time I write, I will begin to reminisce of the times I participated in my uni's Running Man event, this camp where I became friends with 30 to 40 other strangers, a church camp where I learnt about the lives of people I've known for a long time but not seen this side to their world and perhaps the music that I've come to fall in love with as well as the friends I've found that will probably be sharing my journey through degree.

What a wonderful thing it is, to be able to write and infuse your feelings through the words you use. To smile, and frown and remember the little things or to imagine another parallel dimension made existent through your thoughts. Perhaps that is why I am here again, to release everything within through the words I draw my pictures with.


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