Tranquil Thaipusam

*Cough, cough* It's getting a little dusty around these parts. Today is Thaipusam, which is a hectic day for most, if not all, of the country's Hindus and an occasional few devoted others while it also means there's a good, old holiday for me. I know I've slacked for months AGAIN and, hopefully that doesn't happen again although there is a chance I forget my blog ( I'm so embarrassed).  (-_-;)
Well, this year I'm going to face a major exam-in-construction known as the PBSMR or maybe the PPMR, I'm not sure which one it is but for all I know, it is DEFINITELY a major exam. All in all, since today is a holiday, I'm free with nothing to do but study in my mom's office. Half bored to bits, I decided to write about this festive occasion happening like, today.
           Here in Malaysia, we have a popular limestone cave widely known to us Malaysians as the Batu Caves. However, this place has been turned into an Indian shrine and also a famous tourist attraction. To reach the temple, one must undergo a journey up a steep flight of 276 steps. Truly, Batu Caves bears the title as the focal point of Thaipusam here in Malaysia. Another main reason why Batu Caves is so well-known is because of the world's tallest statue of the Hindu deity, Murugan, which stands just outside the cave. At an incredulous 140 feet high, the seemingly golden Murugan can be seen even from a distance.
           Aside from all that, it is also a beautiful spot for rock climbing and cave exploration. Yes, Batu Caves is a really great place to visit if you happen to come to Malaysia but it seems to be pretty crowded from the way I see it too. 
Thaipusam isn't really that tranquil if you're celebrating it. Imagine trying to squeeze past crowds and there's all sorts of commotion in the background from people chatting loudly to people getting shaved bald as a form of devotion. However, that is tranquil to me since I don't celebrate Thaipusam, live far away from Batu Caves and I am currently enjoying a good long blast of a holiday for the rest of the week. 


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