Brother John's New Car ~

     Brother John (my cousin) just had a new Myvi car.  It is a black limited edition Myvi car 2010. It has beautiful features with flower-like sides on the inside. The black surface is quite shiny too.
    The seats are decorated with  a beautiful design. The radio is very beautiful too with limited edition flower-printed design.
My mum and Aunt Cindy suggested Brother John's car as this colour but.... isn't it actually more lady-like?
The Elegant Pink Myvi, lady-like :P  ....


  1. ahahaha my uncle also has a myvi :D a silver one though. isn't it too hot in Malaysia to drive a black car since the colour absorbs the heat?

    even though the pink myvi is aimed at females, i'd rather the black one ahhahaha

  2. Have you ever heard of V-Cool? It is a tinter window sticker, after my cousin laminated the stickers on the mirror and window, it will not become hot even the weather is hot.
    Myvi has been the top demand for four years in Malaysia.

  3. Congratulations to your brother John for getting a new car! The Perodua Myvi looks amazing! What’s good about it is that, aside from being a good-looking car, it is also spacious even though it is a subcompact car. The hatchback design gave it the added space, without cramming the back seat. And the fact that it is a limited edition model definitely adds to its value.


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