Mid-Year Exam finally over !!!

Last week, my mid-year exams finally came to an end. Today, I got back all my results and overall, I am quite satisfied with my results except for my BM exam. I think I have to work harder to get a better result.
I feel relieved by a strap of stress that just left me. I felt really under pressure when I was having my examination.   
From now onwards, I can post on my blog more often....

On 8th June this year the World Ocean Day Drawing Workshop will be held at Aquaria, in the Kuala Lumpur City Centre for 10 of the Standard 5 students in my school. I am so glad that I have a chance to participate. The entrance fee and snacks will be sponsored by MIMA.


  1. congratulations you finished your exams. my mid years start next week :( but i'll only be doing a general exam and a english practise exam

    it's great that you got chosen to participate in the event. if you can please take photos :)


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