A Happy Day

Today is a happy day.
1) I got my report card from our form teacher, she encouraged me a lot, and my mum was also quite satisfied my result, as she promised me before the exam, she would buy me a Wii if I scored her target. Yeah.... I'm waiting to get a Wii (so far, my parents didn't buy me any PS or Game Boy)

2) My old school classmate - Martin was successful transferred to my new school and he might become my classmate again.

3) My homework (the K H project) was kept by the teacher, and she said it will be a sample to show to the next year students.
4) I'm the first one who finished the Malay storybook "Leman Penjual Kuih" in our class, I think it was a good improvement, because last time I rarely pick a Malay book to read, actually it was also very nice.


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