Yesterday morning, while I was brushing my teeth, some blood came out from my mounth, and I felt pain. At 10.00a.m, Aunt Cindy bring me to Klinik, because my parent are busy in the office.

When we reached to the Klinik Koh, Dentist Army Empol attended me, he is a good patient dentist, he checked carefully and found out one of my teeth (molar) has a big hole, and there were food stuck inside the hole but he would not pull out my tooth because he said, this molar teeth can stay two more years, if he pulled out the teeth for me it would make the other teeth grow unusually.............

Can you believe that how much the dentist charged me included the consultation fees and he also gave me two tube sample kid's tooth paste, this altogether only RM 10.00. God really blessed me loh..............


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